Detailed design study of the C-FAST pilot plant

cmcl innovations leads the C-FAST project, which aims to produce liquid hydrocarbon fuels and commodity chemicals with a negative/neutral carbon footprint. The C-FAST (patent-filed) plant design uniquely combines sustainable and renewable energy (e.g. solar and wind) sources with algal biomass cultivation, processing and refining technologies. The spectrum of products and intermediates from the modular C-FAST plant provides environmentally sustainable “like-for-like” replacements for everyday oil derived products for the energy, food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. Such a plant enables the simultaneous meeting of both CO2 mitigation targets and growing demands for future world energy and commodity chemical supplies.
The main objectives of the project are to: (1) Carry out a detailed design and techno-economic assessment of a C-FAST pilot plant, (2) Investigate long term value of future revenues (accounting for carbon credits, desalinated water, power grid, energy prices, high value chemicals, etc.), (3) To demonstrate how different production scales can benefit the UK/ EU with regards to their energy and sustainability concerns, (4) Establish and develop a UK/EU-based supply chain.