CO2 storage in Palaeogene and Neogene hydrogeological systems of the North Sea

We aim to de-risk the development of the major potential CO2 storage reservoirs in the UK sector of the Northern and Central North Sea by developing our understanding of the geometry and properties of the overburden above the potential reservoirs (including their seals), and by developing an understanding of the likely hydraulic connectivity in the reservoirs, surrounding strata and overburden and hence the likely flow paths for CO2 and formation brine within and between them. These reservoirs are some of the most widespread and internally hydraulically well-connected reservoirs on the UK Continental Shelf and appear to have excellent potential for high injectivity, large capacity without excessive pressure rise and, in some cases, good containment. Consequently, they promise to be of great significance if CCS becomes a major greenhouse gas mitigation technology in the UK.


Project Outputs

  • Glacistore bid – Scientific drilling for CO2 Storage. Project update presented by Maxine Akhurst, BGS, at the UKCCSRC Cranfield Biannual Meeting, 22/04/2015.
  • CO2 Storage in Paleogene and Neogene Hydrogeological systems of the North Sea: preparation of an IODP scientific drilling bid project update (presentation not available for publication). Project update presented by Sam Holloway, BGS, at the UKCCSRC Cambridge Biannual Meeting, 02/04/2013.
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