Ceramic membranes for energy applications and CO2 capture

Membranes in general provide very significant opportunities for process intensification. In particular there is a large range of energy-related applications for high temperature ceramic membranes that is as yet poorly explored. This Platform Grant proposal is aimed at underpinning our joint group in the field of high temperature membranes for energy applications and CO2 capture. This research encompasses membrane catalysis, novel multi-functional membrane fabrication and structural and transport characterisation as well as application. The work will involve a highly multi-disciplinary effort with a world-leading team of investigators/researchers comprising membrane technologists, chemical engineers, chemists and material scientists. The research to be performed will call upon the complementary expertise of this team to examine a number of key challenges so that new oxygen, hydrogen and steam permeable ceramic membranes can be developed in an applied context making the production of low carbon energy and carbon capture processes possible. The applications for these membranes have the potential to be truly disruptive. The proposal is distinctive in that the PDRAs employed on the grant will travel to internationally leading groups for extended training visits. This will strengthen our research capability and increase the employability of the PDRAs.