Carbon Storage: assessment and validation of emissions (C-SAVE)

This project will deliver new, leading-edge sensor and measurement technologies to monitor and assess the efficiency and safety of carbon capture, transport, injection and storage to comply with EU regulation. Carbon Capture and Storage is a key accessible climate change mitigation measure which will enable current carbon based power production to continue, while reducing climate impact. There is a need for substantial new measurement capability to validate estimates of CO2 losses from individual stages of the process. The overall aim for the project is to develop a suite of advanced CO2 sensing technologies that combine to provide validated monitoring of each stage of the CCS process.Infra red cameras currently manufactured will be developed further to provide a quantification function to measure large point source carbon dioxide leaks. The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) tunable diode laser spectrometer, which measures atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations accurately, will be redesigned to measure small changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, typical of those which might arise from leaks in an underground storage facility. Signal Group will develop new processing software and refine instrument parameters on their continuous emissions monitors to quantify residual carbon dioxide remaining after the capture process.