Cambridge Research Group on Economic Policy Analysis of Sustainable Energy

Under this award we will be conducting three programmes of research:

Delivering secure reliable and diverse energy in a liberalised market. This will include proper regulation of the natural monopoly elements of the electricity and gas sectors, efficient and effective market design and appropriate government support for RD&D;
Energy and emissions in European and Global contexts. This will include economic analysis of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, legal harmonisation of technology policies across countries and modelling analysis of internationalisation of emissions control systems.
Public attitudes and processes of governance. This will examine public perceptions of energy security, interest group analysis and the appropriate political oversight of the energy sector, the global politics of energy supply and its relation to UK energy security and real option analysis of energy policy.
The Research Group will produce the following deliverables:

20 refereed working papers per year;
Two policy forums each year to facilitate stakeholder dialogue;
An annual international conference primarily aimed at informing the policy debate surrounding energy;
The development of a network of academic associates and industrial sponsors; and
The training of at least five PhD students in the area of energy policy.