UK Demonstration of Enhanced Calcium Looping and first Global Demonstration of Advanced Doping Techniques

Project overview

Calcium (carbonate) looping is a promising carbon capture technology, which has been successfully demonstrated using a slip stream from the exhaust of a large-scale power plant. CO2 is captured as CaCO3, and is then calcined to release a pure stream of CO2 suitable for storage. The main advantage of this cycle is that the exothermic CO2 capture stage takes place around 650°C and the heat released in the carbonation process can be used in a standard steam cycle.

The aims of this project are:

  • To demonstrate the viability of enhanced calcium looping technologies for CCS using a pelletized spent lime stream.
  • To demonstrate the viability of calcium looping for the removal of CO2 from industrial gases (steel and iron industry and cement industry).
  • To explore the use of enhanced Ca looping using HBr as doping agent.

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