Oxyfuel and exhaust gas recirculation processes in gas turbine combustion for improved carbon capture performance

Conventional power generation in the UK faces a significant challenge in the face of decarbonising and maintaining a reliable, secure and cost effective electricity supply. The requirement for fossil-fuel based systems to integrate smoothly with CCS technologies has led to the realistic consideration of oxyfuel based generating plant for CCGT-CCS processes. For CCS to become more technically and economically feasible, it has been suggested that the CO2 scrubbing component of the CCS process will work more effectively if the CO2 concentrations in the exhaust gas were higher. Hence, enhancement of oxygen in the combustion process and the enhancement of CO2 concentration in the plant exhaust via Exhaust Gas Recycling (EGR) can dramatically increase the net efficiency of CO2 scrubbers. Whilst oxyfuel and EGR are known to be potentially very promising technologies for integration with CCGT-CCS processes, there exists a significant lack of fundamental data on the design and reliable operation of industrial burner systems with this technology.


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