Novel reductive rejuvenation approaches for degraded amine solutions from PCC in power plants

Project overview

Aqueous amine scrubbing is currently considered to be the best available technology of carbon capture for both pulverised fuel and natural gas power plants. A major problem is the thermo-oxidative degradation of chemical amine solvents used, leading to a range of operational problems and the generation of large quantities of hazardous aqueous waste. However, no existing technologies are able to effectively deal with these problems particularly the handling of the toxic waste solvent streams. The conversion of the degraded amines back to usable solvents or saleable products has been regarded as a novel effective way for cost reduction.

Aims and objectives

To investigate the feasibility of using reductive approaches, such as catalytic hydropyrolysis and hydrothermal treatments to rejuvenate the degraded amine solvents for reuse or convert them into highly value-added products.

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