The GATEWAY project will provide a common strategic decision basis, enabling all stakeholders to identify and implement measures that can accelerate development, up-take, and deployment of technologies needed for realisation of large scale CCS projects based on European CO2 transport infrastructure.

GATEWAY objectives:

Developing and defining a pilot case for European CO2 transport infrastructure:

A comprehensive integrated project providing a model for establishing European CO2 infrastructure
Incorporating technology, policy-making, international law, regulatory aspects, business development, and tentative consortium
Make assesment of funding needs and resources
Follow the Berlin model to realize the Pilot case project

GATEWAY concept and approach:

Efforts will be made to attract key players
Different sources of private and public funding will be assessed as how these sources can be arranged to work together
Design for public perception assesment will be developed
Central European CO2 hub (Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands)

Potential CO2 sources adjacent to the North Sea Basin (Germany, UK, Netherlands) combined account for 1.6Gtpa of CO2

Potential sinks in the North Sea (UK, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark)