CO2 MultiStore JIP

The objectives of the project are to reduce the risks to the economic and business case and inform the
regulatory framework for the development of multi-user regional CO2 storage assets. These objectives
are to be met by:
• Carrying out risk analysis of supply and containment of CO2 in a multi-user regional store
• Identifying, implementing and testing risk reduction measures for subsurface containment of CO2
• Assessing the benefit of risk mitigation to development of a regional storage asset
• Informing the licensing, leasing and monitoring of a storage sites within a multiple-user store
• Capturing knowledge learned during the project that is transferable to other regional storage sites
The first demonstrator CCS projects are expected to use depleted hydrocarbon fields as geological
stores for CO2 injection, whereas regional sandstones have the potential storage capacity for
subsequent development of much larger commercial-scale CCS projects. The large extent of individual
sandstones, the hydrocarbon fields and the multiple store sites anticipated within each present
challenges to and implications for the licensing, operation and integrity of the storage asset.
The proposed research will examine an exemplar northern North Sea sandstone, the Captain Sandstone,
as a potential regional storage asset for CO2 captured from a ‘cluster’ of Scottish sources and apply the
discussion and decision making to other offshore UK storage scenarios