BIO-CAP-UK – Air/Oxy Biomass Combustion with CO2 Capture Technology

The aim of the Bio-CAP-UK project is to accelerate progress towards achieving operational excellence for flexible, efficient and environmentally sustainable bio-CCS thermal power plants by developing and assessing fundamental knowledge, pilot plant tests and techno economic and life cycle studies. In terms of assessing CO2 capture, the UK CCS on-going research portfolio includes coal and gas-fired generation, whilst limited work is being conducted on the assessment of dedicated biomass to power with CCS, or indeed, of co-firing fossil fuel generation with higher rates of biomass with CCS. The project will also greatly expand the on-going research in SuperGen Bioenergy concerning supply chains of torrefied biomass and Bio-CCS.


Project Outputs

  • Bio-CAP-UK: Air/Oxy Biomass Combustion with CO2 Capture Technology, UK Study. Presentation by Karen Finney (University of Leeds) in the Biomass CCS technical parallel session at the UKCCSRC Cardiff Biannual Meeting, 10 September 2014.
  • The BIO-CAP Programme: Impacts of biomass feedstock properties on air/oxy combustion with carbon capture. Presentation by Karen Finney (University of Leeds) at the SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub Annual Assembly 2014, 5/11/2014, Birmingham. PDF Video