A3C Carbon Capture

Carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas and methods of capturing these emissions from power stations and

industry are being developed. Studies have shown that without capturing our carbon emissions it will be very

much more expensive to meet our decarbonisation commitments. However the changing mix of power plant

and growing role of renewable technologies is making conventional carbon capture processes appear less

attractive while industrial application is restricted by process complexity and high costs.

The future generation mix will comprise renewable and nuclear generation supported by fossil fuelled power

stations working when power from nuclear and intermittent sources cannot meet demand. PMW Technology

has brought together concepts from other sectors to create a disruptive carbon capture technology that is

about half the cost of the alternatives when applied to this future generation mix. Working with academics

from Chester and Sheffield Universities and industrial partners, PMW Technology will validate the process and

map its characteristics to target future development on the most effective design to remove carbon cheaply.