Posters from Cambridge Conference "Delivering the New CCS Agenda," 26th-27th March


Below are the posters* displayed at the UKCCSRC Conference, Delivering the New CCS Agenda.


Name   Institution/Organisation Poster Title 
Abdul'Aziz Aliyu University of Sheffield Performance Appraisal of the UKCCSRC Pilot-Scale Advanced CO2-Capture Plant
Praveen Bains Imperial College London The role of CCS in UK’s power sector decarbonisation using high spatial and temporal resolution modelling
Patrick Brandl Imperial College London Linking molecular thermodynamics with process costs: Are Ionic Liquids ready to be deployed for CO2 capture?
David Cann University of Chester Experimental exploration of CO2 using a cryogenic moving bed
Habiba Daggash Imperial College London The role of negative emissions technologies in decarbonising the UK energy system
Ismael Falcon-Suarez National Oceanography Centre Geomechanical Assessment of CO2 Storage Reservoir Integrity Post-closure
Anita Flohr University of Southampton Tracers for monitoring marine CO2 storage
Corin Jack University of Edinburgh The role of place attachment in understanding attitudes to industrial CCS
Jianghui Li University of Southampton Modelling of Passive and Active Acoustic Measurements of Seabed Gas Flux
Suoton Philip Peletiri University of Bradford Relative Effect of Impurities on CO2 Pipeline Transportation

Julia Race

University of Strathclyde What’s REALLY going to persuade the UK to do CCS?
Sergio Ramirez Solis University of Leeds High-temperature CO2 sorption by CaO-based sorbents using Saffil Ceramic fibres as a substrate
Vincenzo Spallina University of Manchester Chemical Looping applied to chemicals production
Hirbod Varasteh Staffordshire University Analysis of Oxy-combustion (Oxyturbine) power cycles with full carbon capture
Paul Willson PMW Technology Limited New Low Energy Cryogenic Capture Process
Alfiya Wright University of Aberdeen

An optimal switching time between CO2-EOR and the permanent CO2 storage

Yongliang (Harry) Yan Cranfield University A review of technology and a novel process concept for compression and purification unit for oxy-fuel combustion power plant
UKCCSRC  Multiple Contributers Posters for the x13 Call 1 Projects funded by UKCCSRC
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*A total of 69 posters were displayed at the conference. The above are the posters that have been submitted for online publication.