Transformation Labs dynamic: Discussion on energy decarbonisation

Transformation Labs is a transdisciplinary process aimed at creating concrete ideas and solutions for bridging the science-policy-practice nexus in relation to sustainable development.

The process consists of two kickoff events and three rounds of guided discussions. The event is free and held online. The ideas and solutions resulting from these discussions will be collected in an Ideas Catalogue, which will be shared with practitioners and policymakers working towards sustainable transformation across the world.

The kickoffs were held in February, the first round of the discussions in early March and the second session in early April. During the first round of discussions, participants were allocated to working groups. Each group had as its theme one of the six entry points presented in the UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2019:

1) Human well-being and capacities
2) Sustainable and just economies
3) Sustainable food systems and healthy nutrition
4) Energy decarbonisation with universal access
5) Urban and peri-urban development
6) Global environmental commons

In each working group, barriers were discussed and pathways for implementing ideas for sustainable transformation, based on the different fields and disciplines of the attendees.

During the first and second rounds of discussions,  group 4 “Energy decarbonisation with universal access”, touched upon the challenges of decarbonising the energy system using a holistic approach instead of using partial solutions, involving carbon capture, LCA analysis and circular economy.

Given the expertise of the UKCCSRC members, the community are invited to the upcoming discussion session on May 25th. This session will focus on describing how the discussed ideas can support sustainable development as well as societal transformations in more detail.

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