Progressive Energy – Call for proposals

Opportunity type: Proposal call
Organisation: Progressive Energy
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Progressive Energy is developing a number of projects which require carbon (dioxide) capture and storage (CCS), and as a part of these, it is necessary to prescribe a specification for the carbon dioxide which is to be stored, recognising that it will not be a pure fluid.  Such a specification is necessary, not just to envelope the thermodynamic properties of the carbon dioxide stream, but also its chemical properties.

Work to ascertain the thermodynamic and chemical properties of impure carbon dioxide is incomplete, although there have been significant advances in the last decade.  Nevertheless, some of it is theoretical and has yet to be validated with experimental data at a CO₂ pressure of 40bara.

An outline specification for work necessary to obtain essential information on one of the potential reaction sets, between ammonia and carbon dioxide has been provided by Progressive Energy.  The potential reaction salts are ammonium carbamate, ammonium carbonate and ammonium bicarbonate, the latter also requiring the presence of water.

If you think you would be able to undertake research as specified on this topic please contact:

Andy Brown (CEng, FIMechE, AFIChemE, FEI), Engineering Director, Progressive Energy,

Further information and details on how to apply can be found here