PhD Studentship – Multiphase Flow in Responsive Media: Hydrate Formation in Carbon Geosequestration

The Centre for Fluid and Complex Systems at Coventry University, are offering a PhD Studentship in Multiphase Flow in Responsive Media: Hydrate Formation in Carbon Geosequestration.

This interdisciplinary project aims to improve understanding of the physics underlying hydrate formation in porous media during carbon geosequestration. In this process, liquid CO2 injected for long-term storage into depleted gas fields can generate hydrates as it mixes with groundwater, forming crustal fingers (via the so-called “chemical garden” phenomena). This is a self-arresting process, as the crust slows down the transport and further mixing of CO2 by blocking the pore space.

The successful candidate will be highly-talented, motivated, and open-minded with a background in physics, fluid mechanics, geosciences, or a related discipline. Experience with laboratory experiments as well as computer simulations is highly desirable. Within this collaborative project, partially funded by the BGS (NERC), part of this PhD will be embedded in Nottingham with the BGS/NTU, exploiting their world-class experimental facilities.

For further details please contact Dr. Holtzman or Dr. Goehring

Further information and details on how to apply can be found here