PDRA Vacancy in Mechanochemical Carbon Capture

University of Strathclyde is recruiting for a PDRA Vacancy in Mechanochemical Carbon Capture.

Term: Fixed to 05 September 2027
Closing Date: 25 March 2024

This position is funded by the EPSRC MACO2 project: ‘Mechanochemical processing of silicate rocks for direct carbon capture’ led by Prof Rebecca Lunn.

The aim of the project is to develop a mechanochemical carbon capture process to decarbonize traditionally difficult-to-decarbonize processes such as cement manufacturing and mining. The project is based on our exciting new finding (published in Nature Sustainability) that we can use mechanical energy to trap CO2 into common rocks, such as granite and basalt. Once trapped, the CO2 remains insoluble and thermally stable, making this a promising carbon capture technique during rock crushing. The research will focus on identifying where and how the CO2 is chemically trapped within rocks during mechanochemical reactions and to understand the factors that affect trapping efficiency (e.g. temperature, rock type, humidity, gas composition and pressure).

Informal enquiries about the post can be directed to Professor Rebecca Lunn, Professor of Ground Engineering, (rebecca.lunn@strath.ac.uk).

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