Experienced Combustion Engineer (BSc/HBO, MSc, PDEng) on Metal Fuels Conversion Technology

Opportunity type: Job opportunity
Organisation: Eindhoven University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department
Location: Eindhoven, NL
Application Deadline: Find out more by emailing l.p.h.d.goey@tue.nl


One of the newly discovered ways to generate power involves rethinking the way we use metals. People deal with metals every day and it may be hard to imagine that metals can replace hydrocarbon fuels. However, recent research has indicated that there might be huge opportunities for a carbon-free energy cycle based on metal fuels, with which it will be possible to supply power and heat when and where needed. In order to make fast oxidation of metals possible, they should be used as small (micron-sized) particles. In that case, they generate flame structures similar to those of gaseous fuels. Currently new burners and boilers are being developed to make this combustion possible. A large 100 KW burner/boiler (MP100) has been developed by a consortium of partners which recently has been upgraded to 1MW burner implemented in a 200 kW boiler. This boiler will be used as a boiler for brewing CO2-free beer from 2023 onwards. The candidate will participate in the project team and is expected to become the system expert over time. He or she will start with running an extensive experiment campaign together with the team, including a thorough analysis of the results. The goal is then to improve the design to meet the KPI’s by implementing and assessing a new clean and efficient combustion operation into these new systems.