EDI+ Fellowship Programme

The EDI+ Fellowship Programme is open to participants in organisations engaged in research in the energy sector, including Higher and Further Education Institutions, businesses, government organisations, industry and third sector organisations.

Participation in the EDI+ Fellowship Programme means designing, implementing and reviewing an intervention to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

It will be ensured that you have the relevant training and supervisory support to complete this process over two years. Your participation entails a commitment of 0.2FTE (equivalent of 1 day per week of a full-time role), funded either by the network (if you work in an educational institution) or by your employer. This includes an average of one day per month of structured sessions provided by the EDI+ Fellowship Programme, with the other three days a month ring-fenced for you to work on your learning, development and your own EDI-related project.

This research project will be supported by staff of the EDI+ network (relevant University staff). Your completed research project report will be placed in an open-access online library to add to the body of work on EDI and to aid other researchers in the future. You will also be guided towards the publication of your research findings in a relevant peer-reviewed journal.

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