Call for abstracts: 3rd Energy Group CCS Symposium: Characterization and Monitoring of Containment

The Geological Society have announced a Call for Abstracts for 3rd Energy Group CCS Symposium:  Characterization and Monitoring of Containment.  This will take place in London from 11 – 13 September 2024.

Contributions are welcomed from industry and academia in two major categories:

1. Understanding the storage complex prior to project commencement/design phase, including:
  • geological seals around wellbores;
  • unconventional seals;
  • role of faults and geomechanics on containment
  • geological and risk characterisation of sealing sequences;
  • basin to pore-scale geology and characterisation of seals and potential leakage features; and
  • quantification of containment risk.
2. Monitoring during operational phase through to long-term stewardship, including:
  • baseline;
  • seabed monitoring;
  • low-cost geophysical monitoring;
  • non-geophysical monitoring technologies;
  • remote sensing;
  • monitoring tools on depleted fields; and
  • monitoring case histories and strategies.

Abstracts are encouraged from early career to senior researchers and industry practitioners and regulators. The conference will be hybrid with regular talks, rapid fire talks and posters, panel discussions (monitoring, regulation, guidelines), and workshops (bowtie analysis, core).
Submissions are encouraged from all parts of the globe.

Further details here