Invitation for abstract submissions: Goldschmidt2023 conference

Abstracts are being welcomed for session 7d at the Goldschmidt2023 conference on ‘Recent advances and outlook on carbon capture, utilisation, storage and atmospheric removal’. The meeting will be held in Lyon in July and the abstract submission deadline is 1st March 2023.

To keep global warming caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions below 2°C it is widely accepted that, in addition to significant and rapid GHG emission reductions, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) will need to be actively removed from the atmosphere and be permanently stored. Various engineered and nature-based solutions for CO2 removal, storage and utilisation are being explored on land and in the oceans. These include direct air capture with carbon storage in sub-surface reservoirs, carbon mineralisation, enhanced rock weathering, biochar, and ocean alkalinity enhancement. Many of these strategies make use of the waste or by-products of the energy and mineral resource industries, stimulating global circular carbon economies.

This session will focus on a wide range of geochemical, biogeochemical, and mineralogical aspects of carbon dioxide removal and storage in a range of reservoirs and environments. The organisers invite contributions from all aspects of carbon dioxide removal research, including lessons from natural systems, assessment of storage potential, reservoir permeabilities and possible migration pathways, geochemical and numerical modelling, fluid-rock interaction studies, using CO2 for enhanced oil recovery, fundamental mineralogy, laboratory experiments, biogeochemical approaches, carbonation of diverse wastes, and utilisation of carbonated products. The organisers also invite research exploring environmental, social, and governmental challenges related to carbon removal strategies.

Session conveners: Saeid Dowlati, Alicja Lacinska, Christina S Larkin, Juan Carlos Silva-Tamayo, Amanda Stubbs and Juliane Weber

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