Wales and CCS

UKCCSRC Director, Jon Gibbins, met the FLEXIS team at the University of South Wales in Pontypridd on 5 January 2017 to discuss how CCS might contribute to future Welsh energy systems.

The £24M FLEXIS (Flexible Integrated Energy Systems), a five year research programme, is supported by £15m of EU funds and will investigate how flexible energy systems can meet modern-day energy challenges. The programme is being led by Cardiff University and involves the University of South Wales and Swansea University.

Supported by collaborations with industry and research organisations in Wales, Europe and worldwide, the project will investigate how multiple energy sources can be supplied to consumers through more flexible and efficient systems that integrate traditional and renewable energy sources.

As part of the scheme, demonstration sites will be established to act as a test bed for new ideas and to show how new and cost-effective technology and energy solutions are being developed – including a project promoting the use of ground energy from mine water.

Leading researchers from the UK and Europe will also be recruited to Welsh universities, helping to strengthen Wales’ position as a leader in research and innovation within the energy industry.