A webinar on implementing CO2 capture and storage (CCS) technology will take place on 22nd October, 2019.  This webinar is the second webinar funded by the UKCCSRC, as part of their programme for Early Career Researchers.

Mr. Alan James, who is the Managing Director at Pale Blue Dot Energy, will share some of his experiences working in the CCS industry and provide an update on the exciting progress of the Acorn CCS project being led by Pale Blue Dot Energy. Two early career researchers, Alice O’Brien and Catherine Spurin, will also present the latest progress of their studies on CCS.

We are aiming to enable the participants to:

  • Realise the significance of CCS in the big picture of energy, society and climate.
  • Understand the key issues of planning, designing, and implementing CCS projects, in terms of scientific, practical and legal aspects.
  • Recognize the current opportunities and challenges of CCS application at industrial scale.
  • Be informed of CCS related research across the UK.

Webinar Details

Moderator: Gang Wang

Organisation: Heriot-Watt University

Joining Instructions

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Title: Acorn CCS a Smart Route to Delivering Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK

Presenter: Alan James

Organisation: Pale Blue Dot Energy 


Title: The Liability Framework for the Shipping Phase of CCS

Presenter: Alice O’Brien

Organisation: Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law

3:50- 4:20

Title: Imaging of Intermittent Flow Pathways in a Carbonate Rock with 1 Second Time Resolution

Presenter: Catherine Spurin

Organisation: Imperial College London


Abstract call - now closed.

We are pleased to invite you to submit an abstract for an oral presentation for consideration at the webinar titled “CO2 Capture and Storage Researchers’ Forum” (CCSRF).  The call for abstract is open now.

Deadline for submissions: 11:59 P.M. on Tuesday, 22 July 2019.

Submission Guidelines

  • The lead proposer and the presenter must be a UKCCSRC ECR member.  If not already a member, simply apply via the website (https://ukccsrc.ac.uk/early-career-researcher/register).
  • Please fill the application form 
  • The submitted abstract has to be based on or involved with your own study.  ECRs can only lead and present on one abstract but may be named collaborators on other abstracts.
  • Please select one of the following three categories from “CO2 Capture”, “Transportation”, “Utilisation and Storage” and rename the completed form as “The selected category_Your full name”.
  • Please submit your completed application form via email as an attachment to [email protected]
  • Two candidates will be selected and offered the opportunity to present their work throughout the UK at the webinar.

Travel to Edinburgh

This webinar will be delivered from a recording studio in Heriot-Watt University (HWU) in Edinburgh on 22 October 2019.  Further information will be passed on later.

We are happy to cover the selected speaker’s expense travelling to Edinburgh with a maximum allowance of £110. A lunch, together with the industrial speaker and senior academic professionals, will be provided to ensure that there is time to discuss areas of interest in advance of the webinar.

Event date: 
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Venue address: 
United Kingdom
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