New CCS announcements, reports and documents from BEIS

Yesterday, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) released a number of announcements, reports and documents focusing on the CCUS Innovation competition and wider work by AECOM for BEIS reviewing ‘Next Generation Carbon Capture Technology’.

Of particular interest is the “Carbon capture and storage (CCS): knowledge sharing” collection, which shares key results and lessons learned (key knowledge deliverables (KKDs)) on large-scale CCUS projects that help accelerate CCUS cost reduction, benefit academia and the CCUS industry, and raise the public profile of CCUS.

These CCUS Innovation 1.0 KKDs are available for seven historic CCUS innovation projects:

  • HyNet CCUS (May 2022)
  • Tigre Technologies (May 2022)
  • 8 Rivers Capital (May 2022)
  • Northern Endurance Partnership (May 2022)
  • Acorn CCUS (May 2022, with remaining KKDs published shortly)
  • C-Capture (May 2022, with remaining KKDs published shortly)
  • Translational Energy Research Centre, University of Sheffield (May 2022, with remaining KKDs published shortly)

The third Next Generation Carbon Capture Technologies workshop is taking place online on Thursday 23rd June, 1-4pm – visit our registration page to take part. Recordings and documents from the previous two workshops are also available.

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