What We Do – Network

Grow and support the UK CCS community

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With a membership of 1,400, and two conferences a year, we bring together the community to aid collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The UKCCSRC brings together world-class CCS academics to provide a national focal point for CCS research and development. The Centre is a network where academics, industry, regulators and others in the sector collaborate to analyse problems, devise and carry out world-leading research and share delivery.

We organise two conferences per year and ad hoc workshops as required. Our events aim to increase knowledge sharing and collaborative activity between academics, industry and government both nationally and internationally. See materials from our events here, and check our events calendar here for details of our own and external events.

Our spring “Network Conference” is devoted to bringing together a variety of CCS stakeholders to discuss progress, projects and policy. Our autumn “Programme Conference” is a technical meeting devoted the UKCCSRC core research programme, and wider research in the UK.

“I find UKCCSRC events are extremely well organised and productive, providing me with the opportunity to find out about the latest developments in CCS and to cement links for collaborative research proposals. I strongly believe that the continuity of these events is more important than ever, not in the least to ensure that CCS is kept in the spot light given its enormous and undisputed importance as a key strategy for reducing global warming.”
Prof Haroun Mahgerefteh, University College London

You can join our network by becoming a member of the UKCCSRC.