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Yongliang has graduated in Msc Mechanical Engineering with Merit from University of Lincoln. During his studying and researching in power generation systems during his postgraduate study, he has huge interest in carbon reduction technologies applied in power generation systems aiming to forming a clean, low-carbon and sustainable energy supply system to promote the development of economy with the minimum impacts on environment. In his dissertation, he have analysed and discussed the current and potential carbon reduction technologies in CCGT power plants from efficiency and CCS technologies. After that, he want to study further in CCS technologies. Therefore, he applied for the MSc by Research in energy and power in Cranfield University and will do a research degree which is aimed at supporting the clean and efficient utilization of coal or blend of coal with biomass fuels in a carbon-constrained world using oxy-fuel combustion with carbon capture storage (CCS) in Cranfield University supervised by Prof. Ben Anthony.
Besides learning the mechanical engineering, he has also learned sustainable energy and power generation systems and renewable energy sources at University of Lincoln. This experience and his strong interest in forming a low-carbon efficient system encourage him to study further, so he chose to go to Cranfield University to continue studying and researching on carbon dioxide capture and storage.
His goal is to extend knowledge of energy and power supply systems and improve research ability on forming a low-carbon emissions energy supply system.

Cranfield University, Master by Research in Energy and Power. 2017-2018.
University of Lincoln, MSc Mechanical Engineering, 2015-2016.
Hebei University of Engineering, China, Bachelor’s degree Mechanical Engineering, 2011-2015.

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Early Career Researcher