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I originally trained as a geologist, with a strong focus on structural geology and tectonics. I am currently working on geological engineering problems in a variety of fields, including CCS, oil and gas and radioactive waste disposal. My main research interests are fault architecture, fault sealing and permeability, hydrology and structural geology.

I have completed a PhD on fault sealing and fault permeability. For this I studied outcrops of faults cutting sand-shale sequences. I have used a combination of fieldwork, numerical fluid-flow modelling and statistics to better understand the architecture and permeability of faults in sand-shale.

I am currently working on a number of projects, centred on the flow properties of faults and fracture networks. My main research at the moment focuses on the risk of fault zones in the overburden of CCS sites. In addition I have worked with Stella Pytharouli at the Aquistore CO2 injection site. With Scottish CCS and SACCS I have worked at the Bongwana natural CO2 leakage site.

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Early Career Researcher