DrWasim AkramAkber Hassan

Dr Wasim Akber holds a First Class (Hons) Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Brunel University and a PhD in Engineering from Lancaster University. At Brunel, Wasim was an exceptional undergraduate, who had the highest averaged score at 84% amongst the hundreds of graduates of the School of Engineering & Design in the year 2009. Wasim’s PhD entails the application of numerical simulations to study large-scale CO2 sequestration in geological formations. His current research focuses on high-performance numerical simulations of geological CO2 storage, groundwater flow, and fluid flow in engineering systems.
Equipped with over ten years of experience in teaching engineering and mathematics-related subjects to undergraduates and postgraduates worldwide, Wasim is actively sought by clients from the industry and academia for training and consultancy services. In the past, Wasim has also worked on several engineering projects.
In the next few years, he will deliver vigilantly-designed modules on Mechatronic Engineering, focus on carrying out independent research and will also seek to increase his ties with carbon capture and storage (CCS) sector. He also looks forward to establishing new partnerships within the University's department and faculty, and the UKCCSRC community.

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Senior Teaching Associate (Mechatronics)
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Early Career Researcher