DrVasanth KumarKannuchamy

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I am currently working as a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the group of Prof. Magdalena Titirici, in Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). My current research area focus on CO2 capture and storage using porous materials, mainly pristine and functionalized carbon structures. In specific, we develop some high surface area functionalized carbons using cost-effective methods. I also use molecular simulation techniques to probe at molecular scale on the effect of several heteroatoms doped on to carbon structures on CO2 capture at flue gas conditions.
Before joining QMUL, i was working as a post doctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Rodrgiuez Reinoso in Universit of Alicante, Spain and in National Council of Scientific and Industrial REsearch, Greece.
I have a PhD in Environmental Technology (Anna University, India) and a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering (Uiniversity of Porto, Portugal) and i have a basic degree in Chemicall Engineering (from University of Madras, India) with a MAsters in Environmental Technology (Vellore Institute of Technology University).

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Early Career Researcher