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Tony is an Advisor on CO2 Storage within BP Alternative Energy based at Sunbury in the UK where he manages a technology development programme on performance prediction for storage systems.  He has been engaged in developing CO2 capture and storage technology since the mid 1990’s.  This has included source-sink matching for capture and storage within BP, the evaluation of CO2 EOR options in Alaska, the North Sea, and the Middle East and assessing saline aquifer options in Australia.

He initially trained as a Chemical Engineer at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand where he completed a PhD in the field of liquid-liquid separations technology.  His professional career started in the nuclear industry in the United Kingdom modelling coupled heat transfer and flow processes in the UK designed Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors. 

Tony joined BP as a reservoir engineer in 1985 where his responsibilities focused upon technology development to enhance and optimise oil and gas recovery processes.  This included characterising the mechanisms controlling multiphase displacement in porous media and the design and monitoring of gas injection processes for Enhanced Oil recovery.

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Associate member, Independent Advisory Panel