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I have a Bsc Hons Geological Sciences ( University of Leeds); a MSc Petroleum Exploration , ( Marschial College, University of Aberdeen); and a Msc Petroleum Engineering, ( Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London).
I worked initially for Bow Valley Petroleum as a Petroleum Engineer, moving onto Reservoir Engineering at Talisman Energy, and then Kerr McGee. Subsequently, I joined Halliburton, where I was involved in Simulation consulting over Europe, Africa and the Middle East. For the past 12 years I have been involved in providing global reservoir simulation support for BP. I currently work for Computer Modelling Group, a Calgary based Company with a European office near Oxford. One of our R & D areas is CCS. We have been involved in several projects globally, focused on the modeling of CO2 EOR and sequestration.
In terms of CCS, we combine sequestration geochemistry with coupled geomechanics, and model the impact of CO2 injection in terms of the altered subsurface pressure regime, and associated effects such as ground surface swelling as monitored by satellite data.

Computer Modelling Group
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