MsSolene MarineChiquier

Solene is studying the following PhD at Imperial College London:

A worldwide and sustainable deployment of Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) at a regional scale: The Modelling and Optimisation of NETs (MONET) framework

The purpose of this research is to investigate the worldwide sustainable deployment of a portfolio of NETs at a regional scale. The NETS considered in this work will be:


This work will draw on an existing optimisation framework entitled Modelling and Optimisation of NETs (MONET), currently developed by Mathilde Fajardy, PhD student at the CEP at Imperial College. To this day, MONET is optimising the deployment of BECCS in five countries (Brazil, China, EU, India and USA) at a regional scale (ie, States of Brazil, China, India and the USA, countries of the EU),  while taking into account several regional parameters and constrains such as biomass availability, carbon intensity, water intensity…

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PhD Student
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Early Career Researcher