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Dr Sam Dakka obtained his master’s in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. His thesis titled” temperature measurements in the wake of a cylinder using Raman spectroscopy” was a pioneering research during which Dr Dakka showed extraordinary capabilities of detecting the weak Raman signal. Dr Dakka manage to integrate various eletro-optical devices, including high power energy laser, a spectrometer, optical lenses and image intensified CCD camera to record the Raman signal. Following his MSc studies, Dr Dakka pursued a Ph.D. in Aerospace engineering at the University of Maryland College Park USA, his research funded by NASA Glenn Research centre was focused on combustion of solid fuel material with emphasis on fire safety. After his graduation with Ph.D. (2002), Dr Dakka had two post-doctoral fellowships one with NASA in collaboration with University of California Davis, working on microgravity droplet combustion and developing advanced measurements techniques and the second post-doc was funded by the US department of energy working on alternative fuels. Following his post-doctoral fellowships, Dr Dakka was appointed an advanced senior Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace, USA. He was a member of a team that design, developed and tested the HTF-7000 combustor the highest thrust rated combustor manufactured by Honeywell, the design of the combustor incorporated advanced cooling technologies. Dr Dakka was also a member of the combustion team that was responsible for transitioning 18 Honeywell combustors from the Phoenix Plant to a Honeywell-Olomouc site in the Czech Republic. The work encompassed testing of the manufactured combustors using advanced experimentally at the test cell and developing statistical tools to ensure equivalency. Dr Dakka was also appointed as combustion aero engineer at GE-aviation, with the combustion advanced design and technology department, Dr Dakka was involved in variety of combustor development programs and was the focal point for field engines. On 2014 Dr Dakka was appointed as lecturer in aerospace engineering at Sheffield Hallam University and was promoted to senior lecturer in 2015. Dr Dakka joined the Gas Turbine and Transmission Research Center at the University of Nottingham as assistant professor in 2018. Dr Dakka has 25 publications where he was the lead or the major drive on those research outputs. The papers encompassed two major thematic areas, aerodynamics and combustion. Recently his paper on aircraft morphing was awarded the best paper award for the journal (2017). https://doi.org/10.3390/aerospace5020061

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