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Russell Cooper is the technical lead for Carbon Capture and Storage within National Grid and has 25 years’ experience in various planning and asset management roles in National Grid.

Russell leads both the on and offshore developments for the Humber transport and storage scheme. This development of a network solution and large offshore aquifer storage is capable of receiving large quantities of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from multiple emitters including the Don Valley and White Rose projects. This leading edge development is in an advanced planning stage, having been formally notified to the Planning Inspectorate and with extensive public engagement already completed.

Russell is heavily involved in developing research associated with transportation of Carbon Dioxide. He is a board member of the UKCCS Research Council, and an Advisory board member of a number of joint industry initiatives including ‘Materials for Next Generation CO2 Transport Systems’ (MATTRAN) and ‘Multiscale Whole Systems Modelling and Analysis for CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage’ (NERC). Russell has also led the development of in-house National Grid research designed to deliver the safe design of high pressure Carbon Dioxide pipelines.

Russell was National Grids technical lead for the DECC-1 Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) study conducted on the Longannet power station CCS project which proved the reuse of existing pipeline assets for CO2 transportation.

National Grid
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Design and Innovation Manager
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Associate member