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Dr. Ruby Ray, Principal Process Engineer, Business Solutions Group, Amec Foster Wheeler, Reading, UK.

I am a motivated, innovative and dynamic Chemical Engineer with 12 years of process design experience. My area of expertise is in the fields of gasification technology, syngas processing, CCS and energy/product from waste monetisation. I have worked on a range of studies , FEED and detail design projects, becoming an experienced user of HYSYS, GT-Pro and Gatecycle modelling software.

I have led number of recent CCS studies, including techno-economic assessment of the innovative technologies. I have experience in new process development, including detail design of waste gasification to SNG demonstration facilities.

I have published several peer reviewed journal papers and presented papers in several international conferences. I am a Chartered Chemical Engineer (CEng) with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. Before joining Amec FW, I works in a Waste to Energy Licensor Company (Advanced Plasma Power) specialising on plasma gasification of waste. I have performed post-doctoral research in the area of combustion, waste gasification and mixed waste plastic to monomer in Cardiff University & University of Surrey.

Teaching Experience:
1. Guest Lecturer in Chemical & Process Engineering Department of University of Surrey in the session
of January-May, 2007, Surrey, UK.
2. Lecturer in Chemical Technology Department of Calcutta University, 2004-2005, India.
3. Delivered lectures on Hydrogen production and CCS, Engineering Science Department, Oxford
University, UK .


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Conference Highlights

Paper accepted for oral presentation entitled “Waste Utilization to produce to Green Natural Gas” in Gasification and Syngas Technology Conference, October, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada

Presented paper entitled “IGCC with Carbon Capture: A Comparison of Technologies and Efficiencies for Underground Storage of Hydrogen- and Methane-Rich Gases for Flexible Power Generation” in IChemE Gasification Conference, Rotterdam

Presented paper entitled “High Efficiency Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) with Carbon Capture via Technology Advancements and Improved Heat Integration “ in The Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT) Conference, Kyoto, Japan

Paper entitled “The GasplasmaTM process: its application in Enhanced Landfill Mining “ accepted for oral presentation in The 1st Int. Symposium on Enhanced Landfill Mining, Conference, Houthalen- Helchteren, Belgium.

Presented paper entitled “A Comparison of Gasification with Pyrolysis for the Recycling of Plastic Containing Wastes “ in The Chemical Reaction Engineering XI: Green Chemical Reactor Engineering Conference, Bilbao, Spain

Presented paper entitled “Studies on Downdraft Gasification of Vegetable Market Waste in a Non-ideal Gasifier – Experimental & Mathematical Analysis “ in The 7th European Gasification Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

Presented paper entitled “Experimental & Mathematical Analysis of a Non-Ideal Downdraft Gasifier using Vegetable Market Waste as Feed Material “ in The International Conference on ‘Energy And Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development’ – ICEET, Jaipur, India.

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