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Robin currently holds two posts within E.ON’s Newbuild and Technology Business; Technical Head of Zero Emission Power Plant and member of the management team of E.ON’s Innovation Centre for CCS. In the former role, he effectively acts as a technical expert for the company in emission control from combustion based power systems. In the latter he is responsible for management and co-ordination of all E.ON’s CCS R&D activities worldwide.

Robin has a 1st Class BSc(Eng) degree In Chemical Engineering from Imperial College (1983) and a PhD, also from Imperial College, on ’The Kinetics of Ethane Pyrolysis’ (1987). On graduation in 1987, he joined the Research Division of the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) and has since worked for the CEGB and its successor companies, PowerGen and E.ON. His work has concentrated on the understanding the impact of plant design and fuel quality on environmental emissions, and the development and industrial application of technologies for the control of those emissions.

At the time, the UK power industry was moving from a diet of indigenous coal to a portfolio of world traded coals. To aid in the assessment of these fuels, Robin was responsible for the design of the 1MW Combustion Test Facility at Ratcliffe, which was initially used for coal quality assessment and NOx destruction studies, and which is still in use. With time, Robin became one of the company’s lead experts on the assessment of the impacts of coal quality on power plants, and hence the assessment of the value of individual fuels, both through practical assessment on the fuels in combustion testing and through full-plant process modelling.

During this time he continued to develop RD&D expertise, most notably in the field of carbon capture and storage CCS. His first work in this area was in oxyfuel combustion, in a collaboratively funded RFCS project ‘ASSOCOGS’ which he led and which ran from 2003. With time, he broadened his skills in CCS to develop recognised expertise in pre-combustion capture, post-combustion capture and oxyfuel combustion.  He was lead author of the IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme report defining Carbon Capture Readiness for power plants, now largely adopted in UK regulations.  He has been actively involved in the three major CCS demonstration projects which have been developed by E.ON – at Killingholme, Kingsnorth and Maasvlakte.

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Associate member, Independent Advisory Panel