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Richard is a geoscientist concerned particularly with contributing to the safe and effective utilization of sub-surface environments. He was awarded a degree in geology by Durham University in 1986 and a PhD by Bristol University in 1990, for research into low-temperature water / rock interactions. After briefly lecturing geochemistry at Leeds University he then spent 9 years working at the British Geological Survey. Subsequently he moved to Japan where he was employed for 3 years at the Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute, before joining Quintessa in 2002. Richard is particularly interested in the acquisition and interpretation of geoscientific information to support safety assessments. He is also concerned to integrate wide-ranging geoscientific information to enable sound decision making. Richard first became involved in carbon dioxide storage in the early 1990's, when he contributed to the Joule II project . Subsequently he has contributed to wide-ranging CO2 storage-related projects in both Japan and the UK. He managed Quintessa's contribution to the EC-supported CO2ReMoVe and RISCS projects.

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