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Professor Philip Leigh – University of Chester
Phil is an experienced CEO, researcher, an environmental scientist, project manager, renewable energy engineer and electrical engineer; with a PhD in Environmental Systems and Control Engineering. He has experience of working with a diverse number of stakeholders and businesses in the public and private sector; with a strong academic publication and research background.
Phil has set up the Irish Sea Rim Economic Research & Innovation Zone which is initiated to explore the potential for growth, innovation & collaboration around the Irish Sea, encompassing 2 nation states, 6 countries, and a wealth of public and private sector linkages. The Irish Sea Rim can develop as a regional economic counterbalance to London (centric) & the South East. The Irish Sea Rim will operate as an umbrella organisation and portal for regional programmes, investment and projects to over 15m people.

Phil has commercialised research and knowledge exchange between industry and academia. He has set-up and run a number of SMEs and has broad ranging professional experience of management in business and sport with strong team building and leadership skills. He has managed and directed multi-million pound projects and budgets. He has co-written successful multi-million pound European structural funding bids including ERDF & INTERREG.

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Academic member