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My research interest is the characterisation of reactive transport properties of the gas-fluid-rock system.

The flow of water or multiple fluids through porous rocks with concurrent fluid-rock chemical reactions is a dominant feature of many natural and engineered processes. These include metamorphic processes in hydrogeology, the formation of karst zones, the evolution of snow packs during melting, CO2 subsurface injection, nuclear waste remediation, near-surface contaminant transport and remediation and the transport of magma through the mantle. These so-called reactive transport processes are complex to model due to the coupling of chemical reactions, reactant transport through the pore space and at times the significant evolution of the pore space itself through rock dissolution and mineral precipitation. This includes known couplings between processes taking place at the pore scale and their macroscopic manifestation (Boso and Battiato, 2013). As a result, there are longstanding difficulties with the use of laboratory scale characterisation and predictive modelling of transport and reaction relevant to field scale processes (White and Brantley, 2003). 

Information on my research group can be found here:

P. Lai, K. Moulton, S. Krevor (2015). Pore-scale heterogeneity in the mineral distribution and reactive surface area of porous rocks. Chemical Geology, Volume 411, Pages 260-273.

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