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Peter Baldwin has been involved in all aspects of the gas turbine and compressor industries for 47 years.

Pete is currently consulting to the industry as base-e, his Boston based independent consulting company focused on practical product positioning and commercialization strategies for Distributed Energy Technologies, Gas Turbines and various Air & Gas Compression interests.

Since inception the company has completed approximately 60 different assignments with clients in the US, Europe, Japan and the Middle East. Pete has also provided due diligence support for a variety of energy tech venture capital investment firms as the President of his own consulting firm, basee (

Pete is the immediate past President of Ramgen Power Systems, a Seattle-based developer of an advanced shock compression technology intended for use as a utility scale CO2 compressor in developing Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) projects and applications.

Pete is also the past President of Northern Research & Engineering Corporation (NREC), a world-class turbomachinery design services organization, now doing business as part of Concepts/NREC.

Prior to joining NREC, Pete had been Vice President of Sales & Service for Ingersoll-Rand’s Air Compressor Group, and has held a variety of executive level positions during his 33-year career with the company, including international assignments in both the UK and Italy.

Pete has been a Contributing Editor with Turbomachinery Int'l magazine since 2000, and has been an associate with Cambridge Energy Research (Now HIS).

Pete Baldwin is a recognized and respected industry leader in the turbomachinery industry with a unique combination of technical understanding and real-world commercial experience.

Pete holds a BSME degree from Purdue University.

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