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My research interests are in the field of advance combustion engines with emphasis on Fuel Characterization and combustion process of fuels in high pressure environment. My research areas have been focused on how to reduce emissions from these systems using Optical/Spectroscopy diagnostic tools and numerical techniques (CFD and Chemical Kinetics).
I have been able to apply these techniques working on various collaborative projects with companies such as Shell Global Innovations UK (Impact of future fuel injection equipment on the stability of diesel fuel in the context of hydrodynamic cavitation). In my previous work at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, I designed a high pressure facility with a burner to investigate the autoignition processes of primary reference fuel (PRF) and Fuels for Advance Combustion Engines (FACE) such as gas turbines .
In a related research funded by Saudi ARAMCO at KAUST, I investigated the effect of lubricant composition on pre-ignition processes in DISI engines.
In my doctoral research work, I have been work on collaborative researches sponsored by MAZDA Motor Corporation (Next generation Diesel spray and combustion system using new generation piezo injectors). I have been able to investigate Spray Formation and Combustion processes of Biodiesel and Diesel fuels under production engine conditions. I have been able to use Computational Fluid Dynamic codes/Chemical Kinetics to investigate further spray combustion combustion processes of biodiesel and diesel fuel in production engine conditions. I
I have over 15 years of teaching experience, As a Senior Lecturer, I have been involved in teaching, supervising and mentoring undergraduate, Master and doctorate degree students. Currently working on research related to characterization of fuels for advance combustion engines and also on performance of energy systems.

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Senior Lecturer
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Academic member