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I graduated as a Chemical Engineer in the School of Engineering of Seville, where I also completed my M.Sc.(Eng) in Environmental Engineering, a three year program involving a two year course and a one year thesis.
Then I continued working as a researcher in the School of Engineering of Seville in projects related to CCS - where oxy-combustion and amine scrubbing were combined to improve the efficiency of the capture process (COMPARAE Project)- but also related with renewable energies. 
After that, I was awarded a EPSRC funded PhD in Cranfield University to develop my thesis in the context of the OxyCAP Project, the title was ‘Experimental and Modelling Studies of Coal/Biomass Oxy-fuel Combustion in a Pilot-scale PF Combustor’ . It was a diverse project involving retrofitting and operation of a 100kWth pulverized fuel combustor, laboratory work including analytical chemical techniques, and computer simulations using Aspen Plus. I did my viva last 28th of November of 2014. During the last phase of my PhD I started working part-time as a Research Fellow in the Centre for Combustion and CCS in Cranfield University, which was changed to full time since August 2014.
Currently I continue working as a Research Fellow in the Centre for Combustion and CCS in two different projects: one involving the development of a model to study the efficiency of an oxy-hybrid power cycle and its advanced heat exchange network (AOPC Project); and the other project, focused on the modelling of the membrane section as a way to improve the CO2 concentration in the exhaust gas recycle to enhance the efficiency of the post-combustion capture plant -based on the use of amine scrubbing (Gas- FACTS Project).

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