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Nazia Farooqui is a postdoctoral researcher at Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS) based at Heriot-Watt University. Nazia obtained her Ph.D. in petroleum engineering from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE) at Heriot-Watt University in 2015. During her Ph.D., she investigated the chemistry and retention mechanism of the polymeric scale inhibitors (SI) which is used to prevent scale formation. Nazia researched upon the factors governing the phase behaviour of the polymeric SI in the precipitation squeeze processes, molecular weight distribution (MWD) and retention properties both in the static and dynamic environment.

After PhD, Nazia joined multidisciplinary collaboration project between Imperial College, British Geological Survey, Cardiff University, Leeds University and Centre for Innovation of Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS) group at Heriot-Watt University. This project addresses the gaps in our current knowledge in CO2 storage through an integrated laboratory and numerical modelling approach. Nazia investigating the following objectives of the project which are as follows: (a) to investigate and improve our understanding of the in situ wellbore cement/rock and cement caprock behavior in order to assess well integrity; and (b) to develop novel wellbore and caprock leakage mitigation and remediation technologies utilizing sealants and induced mineral precipitation processes.

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