I am Mohsen Abbaszadeh and I am studying PhD at Coventry University. My research topic is about developing new techniques to accelerate CO2/brine downhole mixing.

I have studied my master's and bachelor's degrees in Petroleum Engineering. In my master's thesis I investigated the injection of carbonated (CO2-enriched) water to oil reservoirs as a method for enhanced oil recovery along with long term storage of carbon dioxide. In my research, I developed a numerical simulation for the spontaneous imbibition of carbonated water in porous media and mechanisms affecting oil recovery and experimentally investigated the change of rock properties during carbonated water/carbonate rock interactions. The results of my work have been published in the journal of Environmental Earth Sciences and the Journal of Porous Media. At the moment, I am a PhD student at Coventry University and I am researching on CO2 Storage.

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PhD Student
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Early Career Researcher