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I completed my BSc in petroleum engineering at Sharif University of Technology. My B.Sc. project
was 'Geostatistical Analysis of Well Log Data in order to Identify Structural and Reservoir Heterogeneity'. The reason behind choosing this title was the idea that a majority of uncertainties in the final reservoir model originated from the reservoir characterization.
I attended the University of Tehran to study my MSc in hydrocarbon reservoir engineering. My interest in reservoir simulation led me to the reservoir characterization field. I chose 'Characterization of Reservoir Rock Heterogeneity and Distribution of Fluid Flow Properties Using Fractal Geometry' as my M.Sc. project. The main focus of this project was the static simulation of reservoirs using fractals. It is worth noting that the static simulation is one of the very first steps which is needed in the reservoir engineering.
Now, as a PhD student at Coventry University, I am working on the characterization of the behaviour of well cements exposed to CO2-bearing fluids. The prediction of CO2 leakage through well cements is crucial, specially when depleted oil and gas reservoirs are selected for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects.

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