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A Chartered Chemical Engineer member of Engineering Council , a fellow of institution of Chemical Engineers and a Chartered Scientist with 27 United State Patents in the field Adsorption and Distillation and many publications spanning 35 years. I am an invited UK member of EFCE working party in fluid separation and International Technical Expert of institution of cryogenics. I worked as a technical director for Air Products and Chemicals and lead commercial development of many cutting edge technologies from concept to field operation in over 40 counties worldwide. I pioneered numerous open innovation partnerships between the industrial gases company. More recently and as a lead for emerging technologies, I developed several key university partnerships in the Untied Kingdom and more notably a key partnership with St Andrews, Edinburgh & Bath universities on a key EPSRC project to develop state of art gate-trap design RHO zeolite adsorbents with multi applications including CCS. Over the span of 30 years, I have developed several key state of art patented adsorptive cycles for CO2 removal and capture and more specifically, PSA, Thermal PSA, Thermally Enhanced PSA and Short Cycle Low Waste Heat Cycle TSA to address optimum design for large scale systems.

In current role at Brunel University of London, an industrial professor and deputy head of Chemical Engineer, I have developed a future looking academic Chemical Engineering programme that at core addresses sustainability and low carbon technology. As such, I am tasked to develop a detailed research strategy for the new department. I have attached a link with my more recent patents and publications, I can provide a more complete pdf list, if requested.

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Industrial Professor
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Academic member