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Michelle Bentham is from the British Geological Survey and is the Research Area Champion for Site Leasing and Regulation.

Michelle has over 13 years experience working Carbon Capture and Storage projects. She is a senior researcher and project manager and has worked on a substantial number of CCS projects including; GESTCO (European Potential for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Combustion), Tyndall Centre CO2 sequestration in the UK, CO2ReMoVe (CO2 monitoring and Verification), NZEC (UK-China Near Zero Emissions Coal project).

Her research interests and experience include assessing storage potential and methodologies, monitoring and verification, site characterisation, site leasing, public engagement, storage management and capacity building in CCS. Michelle was co-author on for the DTI (Department of Technology and Industry) Technology Status Report Technology Status Review - Monitoring Technologies for the Geological Storage of CO2.

Recently she was the BGS project manager and researcher in the first project to assess the CO2 storage capacity of all Ireland as part of the ‘Assessment of the all Island potential for geological storage of Carbon Dioxide in Ireland’ (commissioned by the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland) project, which directly influenced the CCS strategy in Ireland. She was BGS project manager and researcher on the Energy Technologies Institute UK Storage Appraisal project (UKSAP). Michelle has provided CCS training and capacity building in China and South Africa through EU funded projects. As well as presenting to government (DTI, DECC and at Westminster).

Currently she is working on storage management issues with The Crown Estate and IEAGHG. She has authored and co-authored of a number CCS focused scientific papers and book chapters.

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Research Area Champion (Site Leasing and Regulation)
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Research Area Champion, Academic member