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Michael has over 10 years’ experience in the O&G industry with a strong focus on gas processing. He has conducted fundamental research into solvent-based gas separation including bicarbonate solvent design & optimisation, novel contactor research and microporous-membrane hydrophobicity enhancement & degradation studies. Michael has worked at all research levels including testing of technologies that he has developed at laboratory & pilot scales. He has published academic articles on the topic of CO2 removal and has presented internationally to the scientific community. Michael holds a B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering, B.Sci in Biochemistry and a PhD in gas processing from the University of Melbourne.

Michael’s areas of expertise include market modelling, technology landscaping, and supplier/R&D capability mapping and benchmarking. Through his career, Michael has worked with numerous companies in the O&G industry, including upstream (exploration and production), midstream (gas transportation) and downstream chemicals (natural gas end-users). He has worked internationally including Central & South America, Kazakhstan, Europe, China and the Middle East.

Michael started his career in research with the CO2CRC (Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gases). Subsequently Michael spent two years as a senior consultant with the London based consulting company providing natural gas market analysis to downstream chemicals industries and three years with in the technology strategy team of a technology management consultancy.

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Technical Director
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