I have a BA Honours degree inNatural Sciences (Geology) from Cambridge University awarded 1979 and I was employed by BP from 1979-2017 as a Geologist, Reservoir Manager, Senior Advisor, Appraisal General Manager and Vice President working on oil and gas exploration, development and production around the globe. I was responsible for the design and project implementation of CCS in 1999 while Reservoir Manager for the In Salah Gas Project, Algeria and have been involved with CO2 injection activities in the UAE relating to the design of CO2 injection schemes as development options for onshore and offshore EOR projects. Through many years as part of BP management teams engaged in the development of multiple oil and gas reservoirs in the UK North Sea I have extensive knowledge and experience of the UK North Sea reservoirs and infrastructure as the preferred location for several potential sites for future CCS deployment. I retired from BP in 2017 and have set up as a consultant with a special interest and focus on CCS deployment.

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