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Hello there.
My name is MennatAllah but most people just call me Menna. I am an Egyptian who was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Zambia.
I have a BSc in Chemical Engineering, which I completed back home in Egypt. During my final undergraduate year, I majored in Environmental Engineering. I stayed on in Egypt after graduation because I was offered a full-time job as a Teaching Assistant at my university's Department of Chemical Engineering. I also taught a few modules in the Petroleum Engineering and Gas Technology Department and in the Mechanical Engineering Department. I worked as a Teaching Assistant for 5 years, during which I obtained an MSc in Renewable Energy.
I just moved to Edinburgh where I have just begun my PhD in Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. I have joined the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) group in the Institute of Energy Systems (IES) at the School of Engineering. I will be working on carbon-negative energy generation technologies.

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